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Together with Víctor Ortiz
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We have decided to act on a device that comes out of the digital environment into the physical world and also plays an important role in data mining, in this case: voice data. Many people are unaware of the fact that while voice assistants are turned off or in use they are designed to be intrusive spies inside the home.

With the intention of giving the people the right to decide when you are heard and when you are not, its created the DataMuter. A voice inhibitor that is used to block voice assistants.

2024 - ADG Laus (ADG-FAD) / Bronze / Barcelona

2024 -

There are three variations with different sizes based on the dimensions of the most used in the market.

The DataMuters are created in PLA, and the files are available for free download on the organization's website, thus guaranteeing that everyone can produce their own DataMuter if they wish.
Modular packaging system with an applied graphic that conveys a clear and concise message about the product's functionality and what it means that the DataMuter exists.
Sunday May 19 2024