Experimental Typeface

Grundtvig Typeface is an experimental typeface inspired by the Grundtvig Kirke located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Distinctive elements of the iconic west facade of the building were taken to design this typographic system, such as the verticality of the structure, the stepped gables contours and the arches present in the doors. The typography is characterized by bold, geometric forms that reflect the building’s strong lines and the geometric shapes.

2024 - ADG Laus (ADG-FAD) / Gold / Barcelona
2024 - Young Ones ADC Awards / Bronze / New York City
2024 - LADAwards 8 / Perú
2024 - VisualBleed Awards / Gold

2024 - We Present You Grundtvig Typeface / ELISAVA
2023 - It’s Nice That - 2023

Has been created a Typographic Specimen as an editorial piece made to show the Grundtvig Typeface, as well as the inspiration, the concept and some artworks. The elongated format of the editorial piece matches the typography and the orange color is part of the tiles present on the roof of the Grundtvig Church. The treatment of the images is based on the stepped silhouette of the typography.

Was created also a more experimental Specimen taking as reference the west facade of the Grundtvigs Church, which looks like it has been extruded. I transposed that effect to a series of 6 methacrylate sheets that separately show the alphabet, the grid or the concept, but as a whole create a 3D piece that refers directly to the referent.

Sunday May 19 2024